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Featuring   Eneit   at The Abode

Featuring Eneit at The Abode

Featuring  Tea Huntress , our soul sister and tea guru here at The Abode

Featuring Tea Huntress, our soul sister and tea guru here at The Abode


Eneit at The Abode


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Eneit at The Abode

May 11 - 31

The Abode / 1852 Joy Circle, Nashville, 37207

Eneit (EN - EE - IT) - A feminine root of Middle Welsh origin meaning “spirit” or “life.” Ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to breathe” or “blow.”

Historically, ancient cultures and traditions associate ideas of spirit, life, breath, and creation with the feminine principle. Not to be confused with the modern term “feminist,” The Feminine is the aspect of self associated with love, unity, creation, intuition, community, sensuality, and a deep connection to nature. It is an energy that all humanity has access to. Through performance art, textile art, and mixed media, female artists - Rebekka Seale and Celeste Green - individually explore their personal connection to ideas around this life force energy and what it means to be whole.

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