I love you, Winter.

I love you Winter

For the truth you bear

In your naked branches

Exposing earth’s raw underbelly

Bark scathed from season’s past

I love you Winter

For your piercing sun

Casting shadows to earth

From the morning sky

Blazing trails through thick woods gone by

I love you Winter

For your frost

Cleansing, calming, restoring

Holding me still

Frozen yet breeding new life

I love you Winter

For you are harsh, yet gentle

Your pain is beautiful

Your death, triumphant

Fearless are you

I love you Winter

Oh mother of spring

Foundation of life

Great buds you will bring

To me in time  

I love you Winter


It rained

And it rained

And it rained

And it rained

And then the sun came out.

And she was brighter and stronger than ever before.

The Art of Letting Go

Ansel Adams / Dead Tree / Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona / 1947

Ansel Adams / Dead Tree / Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona / 1947

What can I surrender today?

Today. Not tomorrow. Not in the grand scheme of life. But just today, right now, in this moment. This is the meditation of my heart and mind. As the leaves have surrendered to the wake of winter, falling to their death from the comfort of branches, I am inspired to follow their lead. To practice letting go. Not just in certain “safe” parts of my life — but in every facet of being. Parker Palmer calls this living an “undivided life,” or a life in which our values, beliefs, and behaviors are in harmony with one another. This is the life I long for, a life of wholeness…but in this pursuit, surrender is essential, a non-negotiable. It is the bedrock of true faith — in what is hoped for, in what is unseen. So am I willing to live in faith….or not? Am I willing to let God manifest the fruits of life as the leaves in spring or not? Can I trust that people will come and go, that dead branches will fall and be reborn? Can I nurture an awareness of my grasp and let light into the shadows of fear and doubt?

This is the practice. The art of letting go. It is messy and confusing and requires attention, stillness, and honesty with self and others. And all we can do is practice. And practice. And practice until the day we leave earth. I am challenged and excited by this. Maker of the sun, the trees, the seasons, the wind and the rain, surely You are able to guide me into a life of abundant joy, far greater than I can manifest and imagine on my own. Grant me the courage to let go.


Today I surrender…

Certainty…knowing the outcome and having a fine tuned script in front of me. How about you?