The Necessity of the Exhale

What do I need to exhale?

It happens every year, right around this time. February. Winter’s coat is starting to shed…Spring is not here yet, but the itch for green and warmer days is oh so real. I feel the growing, imminent need for a deep, deep cleanse. This is a time to prune and purge - my closet, my home, my relationships (on the outside) - my heart, my voice, my deeply seeded longings (on the inside). Winter allows us to notice the beauty of the inhale through the vessel of time and space. In this season, we are called to slow down, root down, and look up. We notice, we go inward, and we connect with immense depth and clarity. We breathe in the goodness of solitude and sobriety. Let’s pause for a moment in gratitude for all that Winter gives us…


A friend once told me that before an eagle takes flight, they take a huge dump…literally. They let it all out, lighten their load, and then they are able to launch. I guess that’s where I find myself as Winter starts to wind down: ready to release the unnecessary, the toxins that do not serve the Greater Good, so that I can fly into spring with freshness, with renewed strength, hope, and adventure. Where do you find yourself, dear friend? In this in-between, transitional time. Are you needing to let out a big noisy fiery breath? What needs to go, what needs to be released from your grasp? What stands in between the stale past and the promises of spring?


Oh Winter, thank you for your crisp, clean air. I breathe you in. Tell me, what do I need to release? What do I need to exhale? How can I absorb your rich nutrients into my roots and let go of the toxic waste that holds me to the earth?